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    How to disable phone layout only on home page?

    GGR-stephanie Level 1

      I have a fixed width site where the home page (index.html) does not have a phone layout. However I have a couple pages on the site that do have a phone layout. Unfortunately this means that the first page that has a phone layout is designated index.html.

      How do I get the home page to load on mobile to show the desktop version of index.html and not the phone layout page that happens to be index.html.


      This is my site: http://http://www.ggrinternational.com/

      The page that happens to have the first phone layout is: http://ggrinternational.com/powermarketing.html


      As you can see, if you load the ggrinternational.com it will load the powermarketing site since that is the first page of the phone layout.


      I can create an empty home page (index.html) on the phone layout, which will help with the redirecting, but now I'll have a blank home page on mobile. I do not want to recreate my desktop home page for mobile. Is there a way I can just force the desktop layout on mobile only for the home page?