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    Video Player overlay

    brostd Level 1
      What i am looking to do is after a video plays instead of it just sitting with a black screen or loading another video, I want the user to be able to choose what video they can see (kind of like YouTube). I have a list of videos to choose from and that list will always be changing. I have an idea in my head what needs to happen but i am not sure if i am looking at it the right way.
      I am planning on have 3-5 choices over the just played video for the user to choose. What I need to figure out is the best way to get my motion, random loading of images, roll over and roll out states, and if it can be done all in Actionscript.

      The way I plan on going about this was to use XML to keep a list of all of my possible videos and then use actionscript to randomly choose which videos it chooses. The XML would hold all of the information such as the name of the video, the image to load into flash, and the link for the video to pass to the player .

      I want to make sure i am on the right track before i dive into this project all the way. If there are any examples someone could point me in that would be great. If you want some sort of idea what my final look will be like i have been looking at something like a cross between what YouTube does on their homepage and what the Apple dock is like.