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    Lightroom Classic CC Keeps Crashing!


      Hey Adobe Forum,

      I recently updated to Lightroom Classic CC last week. And, yes, it's faster. Yes, it's better. Until it crashes. And crashes. Then crashes again. And crashes, again. And, again. And.....Yep, you guessed it; again and again. In one sitting, in one day, in about a six hour time period, Lightroom Classic CC has "quit unexpectedly" EIGHT TIMES. And now, everyday, it crashes about every half hour or so. What's up guys? This is really janking up my workflow! It saves my current work when it crashes. so, I'm not losing my work. But, I'm losing my patience, tolerance, and my professional respect for this application. Constant crashing and reopening of Lightroom is frustrating, aggravating, disturbing my workflow and quite frankly, STUPID. Is anyone else having this issue? And, if so, have you found a resolution? 

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