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    Wacom Cintiq Pen Display touch feature is not working with Photoshop

    sidneyc98349348 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am working with a Wacom 22HD Pen Display. It is configured as a secondary extended monitor. Here is the issue:


      The tablet should recognize the pen/stylus as well as finger touch. The pen seems to be working fine in Photoshop, but the finger touch is not. When I touch the screen, the cursor tracks my finger and I can select tools, but I cannot use the tools nor can I zoom, scroll, or rotate using my fingers. The kicker is that everything works fine when I'm in other programs (like Acrobat).


      I have updated the drivers (multiple times...) as instructed by Wacom Support, but to no avail. They also told me that the configuration that I want (extended monitor with the tablet as the secondary and the ability to use pen and touch) is not possible... which is a lie because I have used it like this before. Over the summer (these tablets belong to a university lab), there were Wacom driver updates available (and maybe some Windows updates, I'm not sure) that probably caused the tablet to stop working 100% (meaning the touch feature...everything else works as it's supposed to). They then suggested that the problem may be in Photoshop itself--that there may be some sort of preference or setting that I need to change.


      I am running Photoshop 2017. I updated one computer to test to see if I just needed to update Photoshop. It's not working on 2015 or 2017. I'm using Windows 7 Professional.



      Thanks in advance for any advice!