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    Getting Audio across slides


      I have had a great guy doing my breeze (Adobe Presenter) presentations so I haven't had that much hands on experience. He left the company and now I am up a creek.

      I have a presentation and an audio file (50 min) that is suposed to cover all the slides. I can't seem to get it to import the audio for the whole presentation. What happens is that the audio file gets associated with one slide and not the whole set.

      Can someone tell me what I am doign wrong?

      Thanks from the Newbie.

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          Solution : You can import that audio on slide 1 or to that slide from where you want audio to start playing and then open audio editor and move the slide markers so that audio gets associated with different slides e.g lets say you have an audio of 2 minutes and you want to hear first half of that audio when slide 1 is playing and remaining half when slide 2 plays then you can import that audio on slide 1 and open Audio Editor and move slide 2 marker at appropriate position on the audio waveform shown there