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    Photoshop CC 2018 type bugs


      Hey guys,


      I just updated to CC 2018 today, and using text/type in my work has been a huge mess so far.


      There are two massive bugs for me.


      1) Setting the line spacing is completely glitched. I can only set it it to the Photoshop preset sizes, any other size will result in weird variables. If I try to backspace the line spacing amount, it doesn't work either. See here:


      Other than that, with some bits of type, I can change the font just fine. With other (different layers) of text, it won't change to certain fonts. When I select the specific font, the font area will go blank and it reverts back to the font I was using before.


      Any suggestions as to why this is happening? Anybody else experiencing this?


      Thanks in advance.