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    Acrobat form javascript combo not working

    kathrynw30934429 Level 1

      I am working on a form that contains a drop down box (titled Rep) for the user to choose their rep from.  When the rep is chosen, another field (titled RepEmail) is supposed to populate with the appropriate email address.

      When you press submit, the form will be emailed as a PDF attachment to the email address that generated.


      I have had this work on two occasions.  The first time it worked the first three times I tried it.  When attempting to show someone how it will work, it didn't do anything.

      I reworked every field and calculation again and it worked.  This time I was able to choose different names in the drop down and the email changed appropriately.  I pressed submit form and it popped up the email with the right email address and attachment.

      I attempted to show someone... and it stopped.

      You can choose a name in the drop down, but nothing generates anywhere else.


      I know the JavaScripts are right since they did work once... why would they stop?


      I have the cloud Adobe... the latest updates, etc.  Minimal experience with this stuff...