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    Right-aligned Hamburger Menu—can't get it to work

    kgriba Level 1

      I am trying to get my menu that collapses into a hamburger at the breakpoint of 700px, to align to the right in the layout. In Muses' "Design" mode, it looks like that's what should happen. However, when I preview the design the hamburger goes to the center of the page. (Note: in the embedded screen captures below, I have blurred out our logo and address.)


      Here's a screen capture from Muse in "Design" mode:



      Here's a screen capture from Muse in "Preview" mode:



      Here's what I'd like to achieve:



      Part of me suspects it's due to my "Site Properties"... there's no "Right align" as an option:



      I managed to accomplish what I have here by following the tutorial: https://www.creativemuse.co/how-to-create-an-accordion-menu-in-adobe-muse.html


      Anyone have any suggestions? I'd hazard to guess this is an easy one that's staring me right in the face!!


      Thanks in advance,