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    Search not displaying results in IE11 if built from RH2017 when loaded to Sharepoint

    MrsVJW Level 1

      Hello all,


      Similar to the "Search not displaying results in IE11 if built from RH2017" question I found on here, having an issue on IE 11 only when trying to perform a search on files, but this ONLY happens when using the Webhelp project that has been loaded to Sharepoint.  We have one we can run off the network that runs search fine but the Sharepoint one from IE 11, no results are displayed.  When run from Sharepoint on Chrome, search works fine.  And this was built with RH 2017, and oddly our last build of the same project with RH 11 does not have the same issue on Sharepoint.


      I don't know if anyone on here knows Sharepoint well enough, could the discussion from the thread mentioned above also impact some Sharepoint setting that means the search won't function if run via Sharepoint on IE 11??  Or might it be related to script errors I also saw in the HTML5 forum with issues with search results??




      - Victoria