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    Tool bar vanishes when I click on a layer

    starbird parrot Level 1

      I am using CS6 and am unable to go to CC at this time.


      I reinstalled it yesterday from the Adobe site. However it is doing the same thing that the one I uninstalled did. That was ... each time I click a layer, the tool bar vanishes. I bring it back, click a layer and it vanishes.


      I have been using PS since PS3 and have never seen such nonsense. I don't know what to do since the reinstall does the same thing. Yes, I am using the version installed yesterday, not the earlier one since it appears to have been overwritten.


      I have contacted Photoshop Gurus but they don't have any ideas. I am loathe to uninstall and reinstall again. I have no reason to believe that will change anything.


      Can anyone help me please? I need to work... and surprisingly I can't do any work at all without the tool bar. This is now a mater of some urgency.


      Thank you,