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    Subversion does not show under Add to Version Control option




      We have Robohelp 2015 in our office. And sorry if this doesn't show up in the Version Control forum, it wouldn't let me find anything like that in the options below.


      We've been trying to get our Robohelp set up for version control since we really need to be able to have multiple people in the project at the same time. We use Tortoise SVN for our main content control currently. In trying to add version control, we've been trying to follow the main version control instructions always referred to here, but we cannot get our SVN to show in the options for Select Version Control Provider. Our SVN has been set up for years and works just fine with our project, but it does not show here, or in the area in the RegEdit for SourceCodeControlProviders.


      Integrating RoboHelp projects with Subversion | Adobe Developer Connection


      Any ideas on how do I get our Tortoise SVN to show here so we can get it set up for version control?