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    multiple photo edit settings missing


      I can paste edit settings to single photo. But selecting multiple photos and applying edit settings/presets is not possible! If that is the case why should any one use lightroom?

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi johnd,


          Which version of Lightroom are you using?

          Do you get any error message while editing multiple images or the changes just do not appear?




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            Hi johnd and Akash,


            I am having the same question/issue, but first let me start with the intended workflow that I used to follow in Lightroom 6.


            After importing new images I usually applied some default adjustments to all images like lens correction, chromatic aberration reduction, auto tone, white balance etc.


            How is this supposed to work in the new Lightroom CC for desktop (Mac/Windows)? .. for mobile (iPhone/iPad)?


            On desktop I can select multiple images. Then clicking on the edit options will apply any setting changes only to the currently active image and not all selected ones. As Akash was asking I do not get any error messages. Changes are only applied to the currently active image that is displayed in large above the film strip. Using Lightroom CC-Version: 1.0 [ 20170919-1412-ccb76bd ] (Sep 19 2017) on MacOS 10.13.1


            By the way ... after having selected all images (e.g. within one album) it is not possible to get back to selecting just a single image. Selection appears to be still active for all images although I have single (left mouse) clicked on just one image without holding down any option/control key. As workaround I can switch to another album and then back to the original one to be able to select just one image.


            On iOS I already fail in selecting multiple images. So I mean I have no clue on how to do this. Using Lightroom for iPad v3.0.0 317C4C.


            Do I miss something?


            Thanks a lot and best regards,



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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Holger, it appears you too got bitten by the very unfortunate name change. Lightroom CC is a completely new program that is not related to what used to be called Lightroom CC 2015. The proper Lightroom was renamed to Lightroom Classic and if you install that you will see that you can still apply edits to multiple images and sync develop settings over many images. Lightroom CC is basically a port of Lightroom mobile to the dektop and it misses 90% of the features in Lightroom Classic. It does have the neat feature that all your images are stored in the cloud but that comes at a major cost. Lightroom Classic is what you know and love.

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                Apfelkraut.org Level 1

                Jao, no worries. Naming and differences are clear. So essentially you are saying that editing multiple photos at once is not possible. Neither with Lightroom CC for Desktop nor for Mobile, correct?

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                  Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Yes that's correct.