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    Photoshop throws when using Quick Selection Tool in CC 2018 Ver. 19.0 (Win 10)

    Bruce AB Level 1

      When I create an adjustment layer and mask an area using the Quick Selection Tool, as soon as I click on "Select and Mask..." I get a Photoshop error that says "Could not apply the workspace because of a program error." To recover from this error, I create a new blank layer above the one I am working on, and when I create a mask for this new layer, I do not get an all-white mask as I should but instead the mask I created for the lower layer. I can then copy that mask down to the lower layer, delete the upper layer, and continue on. Of course, I am not able to go into the Select and Mask so I am not able to tweak what I selected with the tool in any way. Any idea what may be causing this?