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    Error code 16 CC Photography pack




      if anyone out there is also having an issue with his Adobe CC app, getting error code 16 on launching the app after the 2018 update (on Windows 10, in my case), I would like to share my experience.


      Executing the steps to a solution, as explained on the Adobe support pages, didn't fix it. This solution explains changing permissions on 2 specific folders. (Read about it on the Adobe site.)

      So, yesterday I contacted Adobe Support and had a chat with 2 support officers. They took over my screen respectively. The first one gave up after 15 minutes and passed it on to a colleague who was supposingly more specialized in this matter.

      Both of them tried the same what I have tried a few times: changing permissions, uninstall, reinstall,...

      The second support officer even spent 5 hours, doing the same all over and over and over. And even some other stuff she shouldn't be doing.

      It was clear to me after an hour they weren't on the right track. However, after "supporting" me over more than 5 hours, my smoothly working OS and apps got totally messed up. Then, they left me in the cold with that mess stating that my PC "doesn't accept changing permissions". Duh!


      Today, I did a complete reinstall to get everything running again as was and start from scratch with the CC apps installation. The result was the same: error code 16.

      After searching a few minutes on support pages, I found a thread with an answer: the guy had changed his .exe files to run in compatibility mode as administrator. Why the hell didn't I think of that myself, I cursed to myself. This did it! The error code has been beamed up by Scotty to wasteland....!


      What I'm trying to state here is: the Adobe support is based in India. I guess they pay the people over there maybe a few bucks a day. Their knowledge is at the same height if I may say so. The least I can say is that I was not amused with all the time I've lost. Not only to useless support but to get my system up and running again.

      You might trust them if you want. I've learned my lesson. I will never take that risk anymore and will spend some more time searching threads on the community pages.

      So be carefull when they ask you to take over your screen. I thought they would know what they were doing. From what I've seen them doing and experienced, I was totally wrong.


      So, why couldn't these support officers couldn't think of such a simple solution which they can find themselves on the community pages?

      I guess they have as much trouble understanding the threads with their limited knowledge of English as they have in handling Windows OS issues. If I'm wrong about that as well, that would seem like to much of a coincidence to me.


      Take care and beware !


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