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    How do i upload android videos to Lightroom CC cloud?

    blueharmony1 Level 1

      I've read the other post here Add videos to Lightroom Mobile on Android


      Until that feature is implemented which allows Lightroom Mobile to upload videos from Android phone, what are some workarounds to get my android videos into Lightroom CC Cloud so that they will sync up to Lightroom CC desktop?



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          Neox99 Level 4

          Email or message the videos to yourself.
          Open email or message on computer.

          Save to xx location

          Import into Lr desktop or Web

          4 sec video in the Lr Cloud system VV


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            michael_nz Level 1

            1. Download video files from Android phone to computer

            2. Use 'Any Video Converter' (free and excellent) to convert, choosing Apple iPhone 7 Mpeg as your output format.

            3. Import converted video files into Lightroom Classic CC and you're on your way!

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              Wacado Level 1

              I'm with vadimo1212, I use Lightroom Web for this serious shortcoming to Lightroom Mobile on Android. To expand on the answer though:


              • Get on WiFi - not recommended to do this over cell...
              • On your phone, browse out to Lightroom Web (https://lightroom.adobe.com) on your mobile browser of choice and sign in.
              • Select an existing collection, or create a new one and open it.
              • Select Add, and use your phone's (they can be very different among Android as we all know) "file explorer" to locate your videos then select all of them you want to upload (hopefully your app allows you to multi-select) and press OPEN.
              • WAIT...it might take a bit for your phone to respond, but you'll see the cloud icon (top right) in Lightroom Web become active, and if you press it, it will show you progress of your uploads. IT will also inform you to refresh when it's done with a pop-up.
              • Done.


              Biggest point I'll make is if, afterwards, you want to keep those videos in your phones local Camera folder, you'll want to keep track of which ones you've uploaded/protected, vs which ones you've not. Me, I just blow them away once I've confirmed an accurate upload.


              PITA - yes! But, until Adobe moves on this, it's at least one option we have that avoids conversions, desktops, etc.


              Hope this helps clarify using Lightroom Web as the workaround...