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    captivate slide issues

      hey guys, i'm new here as well, first time responder,
      I am having trouble with Captivate 3, I've only used it a hand full of times and so this was a big no-no. Here goes.

      I have a project I am working on that roughly right now has 300 slides that I had just gotten done recording (I was going to use this file as a base to pull slide from to make a daisy train) BUT heres the thing, after saving it, i attempted to open it, and it only opens it up as 16 slides, all the assets (all 300 background images) are still present, but the slides are no longer on the storyboard layout view, nor do they all show up in edit view as well.

      Can someone shed some light ?? I have tried doing the:

      Perhaps try resetting Captivate's data file.

      * Close Captivate
      * Open the Windows Explorer file system browser
      * Navigate to the following location:
      C:\Documents and Settings\????\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Captivate
      (Note that ???? represents your logged in identity)

      but it still loads up captivate with only 16 slides... please help.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, numberTou

          Ouch - I'm guessing that at 300 slides your project simply corrupted on you. About the only thing I might suggest (besides limiting to about 1/3 of that amount of total slides) would be to try and create a totally new blank project that is sized identically to the errant project. Then see if you are able to click File > Import and pull the content into a new blank project.

          Hopefully that will work. But if not, I guess you would have to chalk it up to a very painful lesson in using Captivate. Never create projects that large.

          Cheers... Rick