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    adobe stock elements for dimensions cc

    jonathang6084273 Level 1

      I was looking through the adobe stock materials, models and lights and they look great but are super expensive. Does anyone know of a dimensions cc user community that has emerged where you can share user created models, materials and lights. I could potentially see spending 20 or 30 dollars a month for unlimited access or at least access to several (50 plus) assets a month. But 30 dollars/month for 3 assets and the 10 per asset. I see no reason to consider making a financial commitment like that as long as the C4d community is so robust and file sharing friendly.

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          JeanetteMathews Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Trying to be as unbiased as possible, 3D is the wild west.  The quality that you're going to get on any given community or site is usually a game of chance and if you don't have the technical know how to fix problems in geometry, uvs, textures, etc. then you're just stuck with problematic meshes.  Even when you pay for models you're often not guaranteed much in terms of quality and consistency with your program.


          Adobe Stock has a very high standard for quality and we hand check every asset to make sure it is beautiful and technically correct so you don't run into issues down the line.  Price wise, we have a wide range but the most common asset costs are free-$19.99.  Everything (except assets marked editorial use only) can be used in your creative commercial projects, which is often another unknown factor on many communities.


          At this time we won't be opening the Adobe Stock site for general file sharing or opening another community for that.  We really want to maintain that high quality bar and other communities already exist for general file sharing.  Feel free to use those if that's what works for you!