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    Error on importing movies


      I am currently trialing the Lightroom CC cloud system having been a long term using of Lightroom


      I've imported a batch of my files to "play" with the new system


      However, even in the relatively small number of files I have uploaded I have a number of videos that just won't upload.  For example, in one folder I have three videos all taken on an iPhone.  One will import, two won't.  All taken on the same iPhone within 45 minutes of each other.  The two which fail are fairly large files (264mb and 329mb) but Lightroom 5 handles fine, and they are only about 2 minutes in length. 


      If Lightroom can't handle videos of this size then the system is not useable for me


      I am trying to upload via the web page version of the app (as don't know if downloading lightroom cc on computer alongside lightroom 5 will cause problems)


      Anyone have any ideas?!







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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi simonw,


          Are you getting any specific error message while uploading the videos to Lightroom CC? Also, please let us know the format of the video files.


          Please refer the article related to known issues with Lightroom CC and the available workarounds: Known issues and workaround




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            simonw31978407 Level 1

            Thanks for responding


            The "known issues" section does report that files greater than 200mb do not sync back to Lightroom CC software, which appears to be my problem.  However,   I have not extended my trial period so I cannot confirm that the file has uploaded to the cloud - I am sure I checked this and confirmed that these movie files never made it to the cloud when I tried to upload from my desktop machine (ie I wasn't using any migration tools, just a simple file upload).


            They are just simple iPhone movies (nothing unusual, just slightly longer than usual)


            On the basis that my conclusion was that these files were not being uploaded to the Cloud then the subscription is no use to me - I cannot have 99% of files in one system and 1% of files held somewhere else.  Which is disappointing, as the system showed great promise!