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    Shortcut not working anymore

    perrybrus Level 2

      To fill a document with foreground color I have used the shortcut Alt+Delete for many years but after the last PS update this doesn't work anymore. Very annoying cause making a new color fill command as action forces me to accept a dialog box every time I preform the command. What happened with the good old Alt+Delete shortcut?! I notice these type of bugs more and more frequent after every application update these days.  

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          There is a bug around the Alt key and Adobe have acknowledged it.


          In the mean time, try Alt Alt+Del  (in other words press Alt twice - the second time with Del).



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            perrybrus Level 2

            Thanks davescm. You saved my day, it was driving me mad. The Alt Alt+Del works - what a hack! I laughed when I did that combo. The bugs are many and more than ever now that we are Adobe's CC crash test dummies. Everything is a live beta now. Cheap for Adobe to make their paying customers function as beta testers and report back to them everything they should have tested themselves prior to releasing the thing.


            Well, thanks again and let's not hope Ctrl+N is going to be Ctrl Ctrl+N in the next update