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    RH7 Topics in ToCs report?

    Philip Tory Level 1
      I have a project that has 11 different layouts: 2 go to WebHelp, 9 go to Word, with variable content determined by both ToCs and conditional build tags. The customer wants minor changes to a few topics in the Word output. The quickest way is to edit the individual Word docs and the Source files separately, because of the time it takes to generate new output to in Word and then reformat the content to make it look good.
      Is there an easy way to find out, for a particular topic, which ToC (or layout) it appears in? 114 topics x 11 ToC variants = a lot of lists to cross-check!
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Philip.

          I fear there is no easy solution to this. I seem to remember you use RH7? I don't use that version and can't remember if it has the ability to report over multiple layout. I don't think so.

          What I would do is print off each of the 11 TOCs. You can do this from the output files. Then use the Topic Properties to report on the build tags. You can turn this on (and all the other options off) via the options tab. You could use this report to identify which tags are applied to specific topics and then mark the TOC topic entry with a highlighter.

          As I said, it's far from pretty but is a way of simplifying things a little and reducing the risk of missing things.
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            Philip Tory Level 1
            Hi Colum,

            Yes, it's RH7. Thanks for the suggestion.
            I printed one ToC and it's five sheets of A4 paper! Eleven times five is ...

            Hmmm... The RH7 logo may be "green", but this sure isn't! I'll have to persevere though.

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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              Just wondering if you ran the summarised TOC report from within RH that 114 topics may produce less paper to get into the recycle bin. Then draw columns for the various outputs and tick the topics as appropriate. Can't think why I didn't think of that earlier. Maybe the coffee starting to take effect ;-)
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                Philip Tory Level 1
                I have just discovered a partially-helpful answer.
                In RH7 Topic List, it shows a column called "TOC Name". Drag this column as wide as you can, and you can see all the ToCs that the topic appears in.
                Having amended the topics, I click on the Date header to sort by date so that the most recent changes appear at the top. Then I can see which ToC they are in, in one view. All I need now is to print it. I suppose there's always "Print Screen" !
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                  Linux Rules Level 2
                  Hello Philip -

                  I'm not at my RH7 workstation but IIRC 7 has almost the same report functions as 5. In 5, I click on Tools>Reports>TableOfContents and get a complete nested TOC listing which can be printed or saved to a file. With your long list, save the report to a file and open it in Open Office Writer, MS Word, etc. and create two columns - paper use gets cut in half.