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    Complex API <> Variable <> Array System

      Im developing this flash app for a forum website. What they have done for me is set up a file that exports there database "latest comments" raw into a file.

      it exports it to this file like this "Username | Comment ^ Username | Comment ^"

      The "^" represent a break.

      I hope somone understands this so far. The content given out is a basic array.. so example:
      "andy|Woah look at that!!!!!|^Sandra|that is amazing|^"

      Now what I have done is in php I've exploded the string thats loaded by the "^" and set up variables /by foreach, so it comes out like this:
      "variable1=andy|Woah look at that!!!!!|variable2=Sandra|that is amazing|"

      now I have flash importing that by Load and its importing the variable succesfully. and im replacing the "|" with a <br> so it comes out as:


      Woah look at that

      that is amazing"

      Now what im trying to do is figure out a way to set each one of those lines into a variable. The only way I can think of is using an array. It's a bit complicated but I cant figure it out exactly yet.

      Because im gonna have the source include a ID# of the user, so I want to be able to click the user name and have it link to there profile. For the dynamic string yes im using html enabled.

      How can i can take this:
      "variable1=andy|Woah look at that!!!!!|variable2=Sandra|that is amazing|"

      and make it into an array, and access the array variables seperatly.