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    Coldfusion 8: Onblur doesn’t fire on autosuggest cfinput


      I have a problem using the autosuggest cfinput. Here is the sample of my code.

      <cfinput name="item_number" maxlength="20" type="text" maxResultsDisplayed="20" autosuggest="cfc:Inventory.model.lookupRoom.lookup({cfautosuggestvalue})" value=#getInventory.Item_Number# showAutosuggestLoadingIcon="no" onBlur="javascript:loadData();" >

      function loadData(){
      document.frmInventoryData.isLoadData.value = '1';

      The event Onblur does not fire after the autosuggest has been selected. When the form is submitted, “item_number” has the value that the user entered, but not the value that the user selected from the autosuggest. I have tried all the available events of cfinput like onChange, onMouseOut.., but it still doesn’t work. Please help. Thanks for your time.