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    Editing RoboHelp with Dreamweaver

      Per the previous post, my Word import needs some serious formatting cleanup.
      I decided to use the Edit with Dreamweaver capability. But many (not all) of the times I switch between editing in the two programs, I lose my style sheet and have to reattach it.

      I made sure I was using the same style sheet and not getting them from different directories.
      I defined a site in Dreamweaver that covered all of the files in RoboHelp.

      What (else) should I be doing?

      p.s.: Is it just me or is the CSS editing in RoboHelpHTML even worse than the styles and formatting in MS Word?
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          MergeThis Level 4
          I long ago gave up on editing the .css file with any WYSIWYG or wizard-type editor; I do everything in Notepad.

          Check the W3 CSS Tutorial for good info, or pick up a good CSS book (there are plenty out there).

          In addition, you might spend a little time cleaning up the formatting in Word even before you import it into RH. In Word, you can Find&Replace styles very easily.

          Good luck,