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    video player

      This may be more of a javascript question than an Flash one, but I'm not really sure....

      I'm a film/media composer and am trying to create a web site for my music. I've recently begun learning HTML, CSS, and javascript, as well as Flash. Fundamentally, all I need is a page that tells a little about myself, and has some examples of my work. However, I'd like to make it look as nice/professional as I can. I know how to embed video/audio plugins, as well as Flash players, but would like to avoid doing anything too generic. I'd really like to setup the video portion of my web site so that I have one video window, centrally located, that can play one of several videos in it using links on the page.

      My Flash and javascript chops are pretty basic right now, but does anyone know a way to do this?

      Anyone have any other tips on how to make my page more interesting? I know that's a really general question, but I'd appreciate any advice I can get. Thanks.