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    25 days in review process

    Enio99 Level 1


      I've never had photos be so long in the review queue (25 days and counting). In that time I have submitted other photos that have already been reviewed. Is it normal? Any help is appreciated.

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          Enio99 Level 1



          One month + and counting still in review process.

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            MatHayward Adobe Employee

            I checked your account and it looks like everything you have submitted for review has been reviewed and was done so in a timely manner. You have some files you have uploaded but not submitted and at least one other that was reviewed and kicked back to you in remind to complete mode due to a missing property release.



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              Enio99 Level 1

              Hi Matt,

              I contacted customer service in Spain two days ago and everything was resolved by the next morning. It was in fact stuck for a month in review, reasons a bit unclear but at least they checked them. Asked what the reason might have been and they told me it could be a problem with the fact of having pictures in the editing tab for some days. A bit strange I hope it won't happen again.

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