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    Show own EULA before Installing AIR App

    Ronny Fischer

      We realized a Air app on CD-Rom for our Customer. Now the customer wants to show his own EULA before starting the installation of the app. At the moment we show the EULA after installation, on the first start of the app (like in Flash Media Player). The problem here is that many data (700 MB) are included in the app and the installation needs 10-15 minutes. And if somone don't accept the EULA it needs 10-15 minutes to uninstall.

      Is there a way to meka a executable file that shows our customers EULA and after exception it starts the app installation?
      I hope, in next versions of AIR developers will get the posibility to create own installion mechanism and screens.

      Many thanks.

      Ronny Fischer
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          Can you create a native app that shows customer EULA first and then triggers the AIR installation? May be a basic msi package that includes AIR app for windows?
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            Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
            Here's what I'd recommend:
            1) Sign up to redistribute the runtime
            2) Put the installer for AIR and the .air file on the CD
            3) Write a program that displays the EULA and then invokes the AIR installer
            4) Put (3) on the CD and name it appropriately

            If you're not already doing so, you definitely want to include the AIR runtime on the CD. That way, your user doesn't have to download it first.

            The documentation for the redistributable runtime includes the arguments the program in (3) needs to pass to the installer.

            I don't see any reason to use MSI for this--I think that would just complicate things.

            Oliver Goldman | Adobe AIR Engineering

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              Ronny Fischer Level 1
              You would be right if dont't need it on both platforms (mac and pc). But thanks for your answere. we think about installing only the application (500 k) and after that we show the EULA and then we kopy the data on the hd by actionscript.

              maybee, it will run...
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                Just a clarification, the reason why I mentioned about msi as an option is not to give the users a chance to install .air without seeing customer EULA if the runtime is already installed. msi can bundle .air inside the package so that users will not get a chance to install it directly.
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                  AFAIK, since you cannot install air app outside "Program Files" in widows, and "Program Files" is protected in Vista, files you copy through an app to "Program Files" might end up in a virtual store rather than to the actual location that you intend to copy to.


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                    Ronny Fischer Level 1
                    Ah, ok, thanks for this information about copying files into progaram files folder.

                    What installer could I take that runs on both, mac and pc?
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                      We are currently evaluating InstallAnywhere. It's a commercial tool. There could be other open source choices too. Another option you can try is to bundle everything in self extracting zip and configure it to run a script on extract that triggers the EULA first and then AIR app install.
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                        Well, this solution is a hack, or a workaround at best, doesn't work across platforms, and is nothing like what is needed for the future to establish Adobe AIR as a major software engineering tool.


                        So I hope that Adobe Engineering will come up with a solution to this problem.  At the moment, Download.Com and the like require the EULA at the time of install.  So, the best possible place for this would be to popup inside the Integrated Adobe Installer which runs across all platforms.  We can put it inside the app.xml file, or as an included asset file linked in the app.xml.  Its a no-brainer.


                        Whilst you're in there you can remove the annoying "Unrestricted Access !!" warning which just confuses users.  They think the AIR app has some god- given rights to mess with their computer, when in fact its exactly the same as the rights of any other standard Windows application.


                        Also get some company to give us publisher certificates starting at $50 not $200 !!


                        Btw... Nobody knows about the AIR Marketplace except AIR freaks like us.  Either do some heavy promotion on AIR, ie. national TV campaigns or just scrap it and really start sucking up to the big boys like Download.com or Tucows.  I'm not sure even they have heard of AIR yet, except for rejecting a zillion apps due to lack of EULA display.


                        AIR is an awesome awesome platform, just fix these little issues and I for one will be extremely happy.