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    Import Windows 10 photo folder structure to Lightroom CC albums


      I use windows 10. I have all my pictures well organised into folders such as


      • Birthdays
      • Holidays
      • Christmas
      • etc


      Within say holidays I have other folders such as

      • Cypus 2011
      • Spain 2017
      • and so on.


      I'm looking at the all new lightroom cc and the classic to see which woks best for me, I get the differences and like the idea of cloud storage. The 2 bits I'm trying to work out are:


      1. I want to import ALL my pictures (50GB) into light room cc. I cannot see a way to import and auto create Albums as the folder name. Am I missing something? I could create these manually but that would be time consuming and not something I want to do. If I simply import ALL i end up with no albums and a load of pictures, not something that I want.


      2. I use office 365 to backup all my data. My 50GB of pictures is all backed up and organised. If I upload to the Lightroom cloud my current file structure will become obsolete as I will use light rooms cloud storage and the path set for local (which could be a folder within onedrive) This is ok, so i guess i delete my previous 50GB of files (when all syn'ed) and use lightroom cc. The concern is that if I want to browse within windows the folders wont be nicely organised by name, i had a quick look at lightroom uses its own structure - I suppose I'm after a similar setting to apple itunes, where it keeps a nice user friendly structure.


      Am I missing something, any comments?

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1: There is no auto import that will create the file structure. You will have to do it all manually by first creating your album in LR CC called Birthdays for example. Then import all your images for that folder then move them to the folder you created. Repeat for all folders.


          2: I'm not fully understanding this question. You can set up your folders however you want them in Windows? LR CC Cloud does not work the same way as OneDrive. Once you get your images in the LR Cloud you don't even need them on your local drive any more unless you want to have an extra back up.

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            NuttyBacon Level 1

            Thanks for the reply ref


            1. I thought that might be the response, shame that's not part of the import for people with lots of pictures moving tolightroom


            2. I get that the pictures are in the cloud and only a % of disk space is allocated to local storage. There's a setting to store 100% on the local drive keeping original local copy. I set that path to my one drive copy ( I like a backup of a backup) when browsing to that location the folder is a GUI i.e 3beb6bdb8af24b1b8b89d80e35218bc4 then a folder called 'originals' then Year, only '2017' shown on my test setup. then broken down to date.


            The reason this is a problem is my family might not use lightroom. If they want to view the family pictures they log onto the computer browse to my servers share to view. Where they are used to seeing the folder structure set out this wont be possible.


            Maybe I'm asking too much.