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    Designing iOS assets in Photoshop

    AndyJ2106 Level 1

      I know this question is likely to have been asked before, but I can't find anything probably as I'm not phrasing the search correctly.  I'm trying to get my head around sizes, extracting via generator etc.


      In Xcode, a view for iPhone 6 is 375x667 pixels.  That is, if I size a view component to the device that is its given dimensions.  In PS (cc 2018), an iPhone 6 artboard is 750x1334 pixels, i.e. doubled.  Retina screen, right, so 2 physical pixels to each logical 1 pixel.


      My simple questions are:

      1. With the artboard dimensions as set, are my assets @2x by default?  So I'm doubling my font sizes, images etc when designing the UI.  In respect to translating that to actual dev build, my fonts would be halved, drawn shapes halved etc.  But images, icons, graphics etc exported as-is.
      2. I think that's right so I have an empty layer named "default hi-res/@2x + 50% lo-res/ + 150% ultrahi-res/@3x" for the generator to work on. With the relevant files named appropriately, in this case "something.png", I do get 3 directories with the files named "lo-res/something.png", "hi-res/something@2x.png", "ultrahi-res/something@3x.png".


      Am I on the right lines or missing something?  I'm guessing that with this I'm designing at 2x so need to be careful with dimensions for scaling down (50%) or up (150%) to prevent blurring, e.g. say a 1px border would end up being 0.5px or 1.5px respectively.