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    design pattern

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      what is design pattern?
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          Design patterns help to solve the recurring problem of user interface. You can classify in following five categories-

          Layout - Grid, standard Page Layout, selecting type of page

          Navigation - How to locate content and features

          Selection - Choosing alternative from a range of available options, e.g. Select your country

          Interactivity - Interface by which a user can interact with website, and/or can understand

          Social Connectivity and interaction - How the user will commmunicate and interact with other user online

          There are some good habits which are widely used by a developer or a design agency

          • List all specific design considerations that should fit together to achieve objective of web page.
          • Figure out what design considerations/bits are related to each other
          • Prioritize the functions and group them
          • After grouping of chunks design each chunk independently
          • Now Put them together
          • Make it real

          Thanks, hope it ll help you