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    Curvature Pen NOT Found!

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      I received and email from Adobe entitled "We’ve updated your photo apps"


      I was reviewing what's new in PS CC 2018 and was interested in the Curvature Pen mentioned. I clicked on Learn More (Draw straight lines and smooth curves with precision and ease | )https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/how-to/draw-edit-curves-curvature-tool.html


      After reading this tutorial I attempted to experiment with the tool in a new document. It came as no surprise that the so called curvature pen did not appear in my toolbar under the pen tool as mentioned in the tutorial. I at assumed, Adobe was up to typical tactics such as Microsoft consistently does by calling something one thing in one place and something totally different in a different place. Well, that was not the case this time.

      After trying several things related to pen tools, I finally chose to open preferences and selected customize toolbar. Which, is where I found "Curvature Pen". Not under Pen tools but in the big box to the right entitled "Extra Tools". So I clicked and dragged it to the Pen toolbar.


      Why is it, I adobe makes a change such as this and sets up tutorials to use the feature, that they have to bury the changes, so a person has to waste valuable time to search and find things on their own with no proper guidance from Adobe.


      Come on Adobe! Isn't it about time to get your act together? It's almost as bad as renaming "Lightroom CC" as "Lightroom Classic" and reusing "Lightroom CC" as a new name for the existing and updated "Lightroom Mobile" app.


      SHAME on you ADOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          Photoshop ties the tool display to the workspace, and has been doing this for about a year.


          If you use the Essentials workspace—or a custom workspace based on Essentials—all of the tools are visible by default. When you change the workspace—let's say you try out the 3D workspace—the tools that aren't part of a typical 3D workflow are hidden. You can always see the hidden tools by clicking on the 3Dot tool (it sits between the Zoom tool and the color chips), and you can always restore hidden tools with Edit > Toolbar, or by choosing Edit Toolbar at the top of the menu that is displayed when you click the 3Dot tool.


          I wrote this for my students last year to help them understand this feature when it was released: https://www.rockymountaintraining.com/adobe-photoshop-cant-find-tool/


          Essentials shows all the tools.

          Screenshot 2017-11-01 11.16.28.png


          3D only shows tools that are part of a 3D workflow.

          Screenshot 2017-11-01 11.16.45.png

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            davescm Adobe Community Professional


            To add to Barbara's correct answer, if you carry forward a custom workspace from a previous version, that included a specific toolbar set up,  then the curvature pen tool will be hidden initially. Not surprising as it was not there to be included in the previous version, and just adding it could mess up your custom toolbar.

            As you found, simply using edit and dragging it across corrects it - but don't forget to save the custom workspace - otherwise when you reset your workspace you will lose it again.




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