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    Searching (and Favorites???)

    Tech Writer KC Level 1
      My previous search issue seems to have returned. Previously, the issue was resolved by correcting the hhp file, but now this no longer seems to work.

      More importantly: The new issue seems to be related to an attempt to add a Favorites tab to our help system. When I added this, search stopped working completely, and after removing the tab, I've gotten it back to where it apparently isn't doing a full-text search, but only searching index values. No idea how to get it back to full-text searching.

      Anyone have an idea how Favorites could have possibly affected the search function, and how to fix it? I've already tried the freeware diagnostic and registering the dll as recommended in other search-related threads.

      PS: I'm using RH7 on Vista to produce Microsoft HTML .chm files.
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          I'm not familiar with your previous post but again I would look at the .hhp file. The NavPaneStyle parameter should have 1400 to include both the search tab (400) and the favorites tab (1000). This value appears immediately after the "Jump to" names in the window definition. It will read something like 0x1520. The "0x" indicates a hex number. The first digit after that should be odd and the second digit should contain a 4 (i.e. be either 4,5,6,7,c,d,e, or f). Add these if necessary and compile. You should be able to set these from within RoboHelp as well - Project setting/ windows? It could be that if you do these manually, the RH project may reset values when you open it again. I'm not well versed in the latest RH versions.

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi Tech Writer KC

            You might try simply declaring a new Window with the attributes you want. Then declare that as the default window and compile again. See if that changes things.

            Cheers... Rick
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              Tech Writer KC Level 1
              Thanks for the suggestions, but I still don't understand how adding a Favorites tab affects the search function.

              To me these are distinct features, and changing/altering one shouldn't be affecting the other...?
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                MergeThis Level 4
                Probably for the same reason that problems generating WebHelp seem to be eliminated by simply creating a new output folder location.

                However, if you know best...

                Good luck,