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    Camera raw render issues- AME CC 2018


      I have been having issues rendering and think I figure out where the glitch is.  I am using a RAW image in one of my comps and rendering with AME.  When rendering specifically with the "Match Source-High Bitrate" H264 preset, the render fails every time the render gets to that point.  There might be other render setting where it work, or they might all fail, not sure.  When I removed the RAW image, the render worked fine.  I am using the AE 2018 along with AME 2018.  Also, I have rendered with the same RAW file with previous versions of AE and it worked fine, so I believe this issue was introduced with the 2018 version of the software.  Furthermore, if you render out of AE renderer I have had no issue, so this issue looks to be isolated to AME CC 2018.