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    Microsoft HTML Help Executable has Stopped Working

    JohnV11 Level 1



      I am using RoboHelp 2015 to create .chm files.  We are currently upgrading to Windows 10 Anniversary 1607 upgrade.


      On a machine running the 1607 upgrade, on occasion when closing a .chm file we will get an error that says Microsoft HTML Help Executable has Stopped Working.


      Opening and closing the same file that caused the error again will not produce the error.  The error appears to be random with no pattern to duplicate it.  For example, I might open a file 10 times with no error and on the 11th try the error appears.  We have many .chm files and the error seems to happen at any time when closing a file.  It doesn't appear to affecting the file itself as it is usable and only happens when closing the file.


      Has anyone experienced this behavior or know how to eliminate the random error?  It has never appeared on any of our Windows 10 machines before installing the 1607 upgrade.


      Thank you.


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi John


          I've not seen this issue myself. Although I'm a huge fan of the CHM output, I don't use them all that much any more. I tried opening a few random CHM files on my own setup (Windows 10 1703 - 15063.726 version) and I don't see it happening.


          As the format is CHM (owned by Microsoft) and the CHM viewer as well as Windows itself is totally owned by Microsoft, I'm not seeing where this is any sort of a RoboHelp issue at all. It seems to fall squarely into the support realm of Microsoft.


          Cheers... Rick