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    Migration of LRC to LRCC is missing 7801 photos and I can't re-migrate?

    Olly Newport Level 1



      I'm 100% on board for Lightroom CC, I've been trying to cloud backup my Lightroom library in a cost effective way for a few years now, however, doing so is tricky because I have a library of 31,000 clocking in at 1.18TB.


      I can upload that data in 14-20 days non-stop, and for the past five days that's what has been happening.


      I checked my laptop tonight to find that Lightroom CC is uploading still, however it's only migrated 23,199 photos from my Lightroom Classic catalogue, this certainly wasn't the case when I last checked the laptop, and only 20-30 photos were unable to be migrated at the time.


      I tried to re-migrate the Lightroom Classic library, but Lightroom CC tells me that I need to select a new catalogue.



      1. How do I import the remaining 7800-ish photos?

      2. Will re-importing these photos understand not to duplicate them, and not re-upload them to the cloud?

      3. How do you setup Lightroom CC to use your current Lightroom Classic HDD catalogue folder structure, rather than duplicating it into the Lightroom CC folder?


      I really wanted this to go smoothly, but I've been faffing around for days waiting for results.

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          Olly Newport Level 1

          P.S., I've got Lightroom Classic open at the moment, and it tells me it's syncing photos -- I'm assuming unlike Lightroom CC, this is merely lower resolution smart previews to Lightroom Mobile.


          1. Are these smart previews going to be included in my Lightroom CC catalogue?

          2. If there is the same full quality RAW in Lightroom CC already uploaded to the cloud, and Lightroom Classic can see it, I assume it links to that file vs., the smart preview version?

          3. When Lightroom CC gets around to uploading the raw versions of the file, I assume it overwrites the smart previews uploaded by Lightroom Classic?

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            Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            1. Yes they will be. Realize that Lightroom Classic also will download raw files that you uploaded using Lightroom CC if it doesn't already have it.

            2. It should realize that the file already on the cloud is the same as it already has but this is apparently not super robust so doesn't;t always work for people.

            3. No I am pretty sure it keeps both as it needs both anyway as I understand it. I believe that when you upload completely new raw files, Lightroom CC in the cloud also generates smart previews in addition to the raw that is used when you don't need full resolution.