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    Intermittent Video Content

      I have almost finished writing a large jukebox app which has the ability to play both audio(mp3) and video(flv) content.

      The audio plays fine and allows me to continue using the app(browsing and clicking, etc) without any affect on the playing audio. However, when I have a video playing I am unable to use the app as before, instead there is constant intermission in the playing video content.

      I have looked at my Windows Task Manager while the app is runnin and found that the CPU usage is running at around 85% when the app is idle but it then shoots up to 100% whenever there is audio or video playing?

      I am runnimg Windows XP SP2 and my machine has a 3.20GHz Intel Celeron CPU with 2.5 GB of RAM which I thought would be more than enough to handle my app??

      Can you please tell me what is my best course of action to rectify this issue?

      As always any help is greatly appreciated