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    JavaFx Script vs ActionScript


      I've just heard about JavaFx Script and I must say that on the surface it looks a lot easier to use when compared to ActionScript.

      Is there anyway we can get something similar for creating programs with flex? Actionscript is great but I never find it appealing and easy to use. This declarative type structure from JavaFx looks so much easier and yet it appears just as powerful.
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          Arno Gourdol Adobe Employee
          You can use declarative-style programming with Flex and ActionScript. I've posted some samples on my blog
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            xwisdom Level 1

            The <mx> tage stuff in flex is ok. It's the ActionScript syntax that seems a bit complex to grasp.

            After look at JavaFX Script I have to say that it's extremely powerful and extremely easy to use. Have a look and see what I'm taking about. In some cases it just like writing in natural language:

            "select i from i in [1..8]"

            I just hope that ActionScript can use something simple and flexible as JavaFX scriptso we can get the best of both world. Things like "obj.addEventListener(MouseEvent.Click,calback...)" can be simplified "obj.onClick(callback)"

            I had a mind block to ActionScript that's similar to what I had for the Java language but JavaFX Script looks like what is needed to break the ice. Something simple but powerful and flexible.

            Anyway, that's just my two cents. My experience and discussion with other developers tells me that JavaFx Script declarative language syntax will propel especially among students (the next generation of developers) in a way that Visual Basic did before VB.Net.

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              xwisdom Level 1

              I've written a little blog on this topic you can see it here:

              JavaFX vs Adobe AIR