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    state transition


      I am creating a site ( AD Talent Management ) and I have a trigger composition that pops up the Words "About us" and reveals a yellow light when you mouse over it. I saw that you can use a fade transition between states.  It works really cool on the light. But the words are [too] quickly popping up up black and then slowly turn red.


      There are several problems here.

      First, in the Normal state (see screen shot), I have the text set to No Color, so where is it getting the black?

      Second, why is the fade only working on the glowing light? Even the incorrect black text is popping up very quickly before it [too] slowly turns red.

      Third, I have this set to linear, but I cannot decipher the difference between the other speed choices.


      I have only applied the fade transition to the rollover state. I have tried to apply it to all 3 elements in the trigger composition: the frame, the words (to get them to slow down), and the glow, though I suspect you should only need it on the frame. Ideally, I would like the red letters to fade in at .3 or .5 seconds and the light to fade in over 1 second.