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    3D objects and shopping carts

    aspyrs Level 1

      Hello all;

           I've quite a few years experience with Muse now, and I'm still amazed at just customisable/adaptable the platform is. Recently a potential client threw me a curve.

      She asked if can design a site similar to this


      It looks a little daunting to me and I have the sneaking suspicion that this is a custom code job, as such outside the capabilities of Muse.

      I would appreciate any comment/advise on this. Additionally, it might be time to think about this kind of thing in general, as it seems it might be the future if online commerce perhaps.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          it seems it might be the future if online commerce perhaps.

          Unless generating dynamic 3D content becomes a hundred times simpler - no. At the moment you'd literally need a small army of 3D artist to run even a relatively small shop with regular updates. This is not your grandma taking a picture in her bedroom, photoshopping it and running an eBay store or whatever from her kitchen, after all. For quite a while only bigger companies will be able to afford it because the workflows are too complex and you have to pay qualified people to do it. So unless your client is terribly rich and has the funds to hire a 3D person long-term, this won't work. That said, looking through the code of the page it appears to be a custom developed set of scripts based on native WebGL, so not even a service that can be pointed to like Sketchfab or Cl3ver 3D.



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            pziecina Level 7

            Going to throw a slight curve here, but depending on the number of items your client wishes to sell, Animate CC can produce webGL 3d, using the html5 canvas which you may be able to import into Muse.


            I am not certain of the name of the program as Adobe changed it recently, but for creating the 3d images for importing into Animate, Adobe Dimensions is a possibility.


            As Mylenium says though, this would not be a simple project and the cost whilst not out of reach, would be much more than a normal Muse site.

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