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    Brushtool Head-UP Display (HUD) not working with Wacom Intuos


      Hey Guys,


      after updating from CC2017 to CC2018 i recognized that the behaviour of the Brush-Tool in combination with my Intuos Pro ist strange...


      The Shortcut ALT+Rightklick brings up now the Color-Picker tool rather than the HUD. In all other tools the behavior of the right-klick ist ok. Only the combination with the ALT-Kactually ey ist not correct.


      Downgrading to CC2017 did not solve the Problem for me.


      The second i notices is a massive lag in using the Brush-Tool and the Part Healing Brush.


      Anyone out there with a suggestion or hint?




      Just to clear up: i am using actual HW, Updated drivers, etc...