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    PS CC 2018/ epson 9900 black ink mismatch


      I recently updated to CC 2018 and now in the print dialogue box to choose media/ink it gives me the option of choosing photo/matte when printing on UltraSmooth Fine Art, in 2017 and before if I selected a media that was supposed to use one or the other, it would select the correct ink and it would be greyed out.


      Now even when I select the correct paper/ink I get a mismatch error from the printer, going back into the preferences, the selection is swapped back to PremiumLuster


      and Photo Black. I even tried saving a new preset for USFA and Matte Black and I still get the print error for mismatched inks. I ended up having to print on USFA with Photoblack because of a deadline yesterday. I need this resolved quickly as our studio does a lot of printing!