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    PhotoShop cc2018 will not SAVE AS


      I recently upgraded from PS CC 2015.5 to PS CC 2018, apparently successfully. But when I tried to open a JPG, make revisions and then SAVE AS a a different JPG (or any other format) I got the message "Could not save a copy of filename.jpg because the file could not be found". Same happened when trying to save as a TIFF, PNG or PSD. Only the EXPORT, SAVE FOR WEB allowed saving as a new JPG. After a couple of frustrating hours I uninstalled, then re-installed and got the same message.


      I'm using Windows 7 Pro, with 32mg RAM.


      Ironically, it works fine on my MacBook Pro. Needing to get some work done, I uninstalled the 2018 version and then installed PS CC 2017, which works fine. But I WOULD like to get the 2018 version working.  Any help out there?