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    Photoshop CC update - auto-center image place gone?

    WoodenNickelFilms Level 1

      In the 2018 Photoshop update, I've noticed that image files placed onto the canvas (by dragging and dropping) are no longer automatically centered. I've searched everywhere in the preferences and can't find any way to make this happen. I primarily use Ps for editing house pictures for a real estate TV program. Having the pictures auto-center gave me the most efficient workflow, and I've had to revert to the previous version to get that back. All of my other preferences transferred with no problem, so I'm wondering if this might be a fundamental change to Ps.


      Does anyone know if there's a way to change that setting? I'm familiar with the auto-alignment functions/shortcuts, but we're talking about hundreds of photos for each episode. It would significantly slow down my workflow adding in more keystrokes.


      Thank you!