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    Difficulty distributing to layers


      Hi there!


      I'm trying to animate a character imported (I've tried importing it as a .psd, .png, .ai file) but the character will only import on a singular layer. That means I'm unable to animate specific elements of it, and can only make the character move across screen. In this case, the character is a cyclist, and so while I can make it move along a path, I can't move his legs or the wheels to create a realistic animation. The selection tool will also not let me select any parts of the character.


      Is it related to the type of file I'm importing or am I missing something?



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          JoãoCésar Adobe Community Professional

          You can bring your char as a PSD or AI. Just remember to maintain the layers in the importer dialog. Also, you can copy and paste the desired shapes directly from Illustrator.


          Once inside of Animate, you have to select the imported artwork, ungroup (Ctrl + Shift + G) and/or break apart (Ctrl + B) if needed. Then you have to select all, right click the selection and distribute the selected parts to layers (Ctrl + Shift + D). Alternatively you can cut and paste each part manually.