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    Creating a PDF and e-mailing it using CF

    jeremiahtrue Level 1
      I used a tutorial online to create a PDF with data from a form. The problem that I am having is I don't know how to take that PDF and send it through an e-mail to a recipient. Either the file processes and displays a PDF and sends me the e-mail of the form data (which it was set to do before) or one of the other ways I tried it, it sent me a link that I used (in the code below) to the blank PDF form.

      1) How do I e-mail the filled form to a recipient without them seeing the completed form. I want it to go to a confirmation page afterwards (CFIF statement in the same page) and send the data and PDF in the same e-mail

      2) How can I set this up to differentiate the file names of the sent forms? I don't want all of the forms to come to the recipient with the exact same file name.

      The client is asking for this ASAP and I don't know what version of CF is running on the web server (it is the clients server)

      Any and all suggestions are welcome!