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    Using Multiple Animated Shapes As A Mask

    bionicgirlny Level 1

      Hi, I am a big fan of AnimateCC outputting to canvas, and it's a great tool for creating banner ads however, there is always a big need to create animated shapes that act as masks, which - in order to be manageable -  structurally require to be contained inside a movieclip. You would then ideally have this movieclip (containing the animated shapes) on top of another movieclip (the one that should be masked) and set it to act as a mask. This however isn't possible and I am looking for work arounds that aren't overly laborious.


      I also posted a more detailed version of this question here: adobe - Animate CC Canvas And Masking - Stack Overflow


      Any help would be greatly appreciated as this seems to be a feature that is often used, yet not available out of the box. (Setting the layer with the mask movieclip containing animated shapes as a mask won't work).


      Any workarounds are welcome! Thanks!