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    Roundabout process for XML... help?

      So, I have a Flash file that reads an XML file with no problem whatsoever. The object is called tempXML and the code to load the ExampleXML.xml file is this:


      In a perfect world, I'd love to do this:

      tempXML.load("ExampleXML.xml?stateval=" + escape(stateToLoad));

      Where stateToLoad is the variable for the state I'm selecting. I figure that on the XML side of things, I can create something that would consume the stateval and spit back the XML that would only apply to the state I'm selecting.

      When I add the ?stateval=kansas or some such parameter, I receive the error message... Error opening URL

      What can I do to pass a parameter with the .Load method? Is there another method to use?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.