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    setting configuration options with install

      I'm developing what is essentially an intranet app, using AIR as the desktop interface. I would like to use the web/badge install process from a webpage delivered from the local server. What I need is to be able to include a customizable config file, which would be set up from a form on the local web server before the air install, that would set some global parameters for the air application (specifically the server IP address and a license key... maybe other info).

      So the process would go generally as such:
      1) the admin would install the server code, then run a configuration script/form where he would input the server info, license key, etc. This would be saved as, lets say, an xml file or some such.
      2) users would browse to the local web server to launch the air/badge install process, which would include that xml file, and put it in the application folder as part of the install process.
      3) when the air app is run, it would then reference that xml file to get those global settings, so it knows what server to access for remoting calls, etc.

      Is this possible?