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    splash screen on startup

      How can I show a startup splash screen when my air app opens? Preferably like a traditional splash screen, meaning just a rectangular box without any window chrome, etc, containing a logo image and some info text.

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          I'm not sure about any out of the box splash screen, but you get the same functionality by:

          1. Set <visible>false</visible> in -app.xml
          2. Create an mxml component (SplashWin.mxml) with mx:TitleWindow as the base class and add your controls to display message.
          3. add creationComplete event handler for WindowedApplication
          4. In creationComplete event handler, create a SplashWin popup like the following:

          var splash:TitleWindow = TitleWindow(PopUpManager.createPopUp(this, SplashWin, false));
          5. In the SplashWin close handler
          PopUpManager.removePopup(this) ;
          and set
          Application.application.visible = true;

          You can use Timer class in SplashWin to close the Splash screen automatically after certain milli secs

          Hope that helps.