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    Install LCF files (ALPA Lens Corrector) Photoshop CC?


      Running the current version of Photoshop CC under Windows 10 x64.


      Interested in installing/importing the "ALPA Lens Corrector" for use with the Adobe suite. I run the the whole "Creative Cloud" suite, including Photoshop, Lightroom, and whatever remains of Camera Raw.


      In its current form, the "ALPA Lens Corrector" consists of a large collection of LCF files (i.e. files ending in the suffix .lcf) for a wide variety of current and historical lens (medium- and large-format) and digital capture (Phase One, Leaf, Hasselblad, Sinar, etc) combinations. This appears to be supplied as-is, without any current documentation.


      I can't find any current/relevant documentation/forum posts on how to import third-party lens correction profiles into Photoshop/etc, except via the "Adobe Lens Profile Downloader"... everything I have been able to find is for an older version of Photoshop/etc, and no longer appears to be relevant. However, I tried installing the "Adobe Lens Profile Downloader", which requires Adobe Air for installation, but Adobe Air reports the download, as currently available from Adobe, as "damaged", so that mechanism appears to be moribund. Nor can I find any files ending in the .lcf suffix anywhere in my Adobe installation or AppData that might serve as a clue where to place new LCF files.


      Has the Adobe suite moved on to some other mechanism for doing this, rendering the whole ALPA Lens Corrector obsolete?


      As an alternative, could I still construct/import my own lens profiles, even if I wanted to? Or, should I be looking at something like DxO ViewPoint for this?


      Any pointers to *current* documentation (i.e. for Photoshop CC 2017/2018), if it exists, would be appreciated.