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    Detecting if Mouse Leaves Flash?

    Think Seed
      I've been trying to find a solution for several days in reliably detecting if the mouse leaves the Flash window. When I do a trace of the mouse movement, the last pixel is rarely the edge of the window, so I can't just code to shut everything off if the mouse is on the last pixel of the stage.

      Example Movie

      In this example, I have a hitTest for the bottom row of buttons. It activates the button and makes it slide up. Then on top of this movie clip are other buttons (which is why I'm using a hitTest instead of a button to control the slider). But if you exit out of the movie from the bottom, the button you were last on stays up. So frustrating!

      Any ideas how to get this to shut off? I've heard of checking to see if you haven't moved your mouse for some time, but this doesn't seem to be a good solution either since sometimes you don't know if the user just isn't moving their mouse but still wants to keep it open.